Convocatoria  Sonora Norte

Convocatoria Sonora Norte

    Los requisitos que de acuerdo al Reglamento Interno deben de reunir, los candidatos y los cuales serán evaluados por el comité de nominaciones...

Scholarships for Distinguished Service in MEXTESOL

Scholarships for Distinguished Service in MEXTESOL

At the 27th International Convention held in Aguascalientes in 2000, MEXTESOL’s National Governing Board provided annual funds for three partial scholarships to enable...

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  • Scholarships for Distinguished Service in MEXTESOL


MEXTESOL will be inaugurating a new e-Center during this year's convention in Monterrey.  The e-Center is an area where attendees can participate in sessions that explore the latest in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) technology and teaching, such as workshops and demonstrations by teachers and experts.  It will be equipped with computer work stations in order for participants to experience the session hands-on.  Topics include multimedia, Internet-based resources, digital tools, mobile technology devices and applications.
Look for two types of e-Sessions:
e-Demonstration (50 minutes) -- During this academic presentation, the Speaker tells a small number of attendees something he/she does using a digital resource. The presentation focus is on showing participants how to use the digital tool, matching it to theory and teaching practice. 10 e-Demonstrations will be given simultaneously, a different one at each work station. Maximum: 8 participants per e-Demonstration, so sign up in advance! 


e-Workshop (1 hour 20 minutes) or e-Workshop (50 minutes). These types of workshops aim to provide hands-on experience to viagra 20mg for sale cures a limited number of participants in using electronic tools to enhance the teaching/learning process inside or outside the classroom. The presenter will introduce the tool and then the participants will work with the tool at the cialis quick shipment advised to work stations under the presenter's guidance. The only difference is the length of buy viagra cialis online time for each kind of workshop. Maximum: 20 participants per e-Workshop, so sign up in advance!

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MEXTESOL Journal : Vol. 37

Annual MEXTESOL membership rates

Individual $300
Student $200
SEP Teacher $200